In October 2019, all of the company's stock was purchased by Nathan Niles. As a part of the transition in ownership the company is changing its name to "NexLyte, Inc. – Telecom Engineering Consultants", to better highlight what we do. The name “NexLyte” is a combination of the words Nexus and Lightwave.

Fiber optic networks have been a core competency at NexLyte for decades. Whether it is a lash-up of all-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) along a right-of-way or a backbone connecting electric substations to a network, we can provide unique services to fulfill design, procurement and construction of fiber optic systems for client applications.

In addition to we have experience in both small and large scale projects to provide resilient communication solutions that may include network overhauls, CCTV and access control, SCADA interfaces, control center design, telephony, cellular and public safety Distributed Antenna Systems, Wi-Fi, communication room design, onboard and wayside communications systems, and public address systems.

We have the expertise to support end to end project lifecycle phases including planning, design, integration, bid negotiation, construction oversight, project management, and acceptance testing. Our robust project delivery process enables staff to initiate, plan, design, and deliver quality solutions that meet strict quality standards. For wireless applications, NexLyte has an array of software tools and applications which allow staff to perform field surveys and radio mapping services as a standard pre-design procedure.