MTA Metro North Railroad
Metro-North Railroad – Operations Control Center (OCC) & Backup Control Center

Key Business Needs

Metro-North Railroad procured a dispatching software program (CTC) for the entire railroad, but the existing hardware platforms and networking was obsolete and incapable of supporting the new software.

Solutions Offered

NexLyte, Inc. – Telecom Engineering Consultants worked with the software developers and designed hardware platforms based upon fault-tolerant server hardware rated at 99.999% availability, and highly survivable network designs. Security requirements for the CTC also dictated the application of state-of-the-art network security methods and technology.

Key Business Benefits

The new CTC system improved command and control of trains and wayside signals from the primary and backup OCC, improving on-time performance. The new hardware design utilized a virtual server environment reducing a planned 36 servers to 12, saving substantial project costs.

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