RTA – Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
FDOT/SFRTA/Tri-Rail Double Track Corridor Segment 5 Project

Key Business Needs

The SFRTA Corridor, a single track with passing sidings, often became congested with freight and Amtrak trains that severely impacted Tri-Rail on-time performance. It was determined that a full 2 track system with crossovers would alleviate the problem by allowing Tri-rail commuter trains to pass around slower freight and stopped Amtrak trains.

Solutions Offered

NexLyte, Inc. – Telecom Engineering Consultants supplied design/build services for corridor-wide communications. These included a passenger information system, LED station signs, a VOIP PA system, a Customer Service Call Center, an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, and a 900 MHz ATCS data radio network used for train control, grade crossing event recorders & GPS train location.

Key Business Benefits

The $345 Million project dramatically improved on-time train performance. 18 new passenger stations with improved customer amenities attracted new passengers and improved customer satisfaction. An FRA report stated, “The project was built as efficiently as planned with marginal changes to help control costs”.

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